Important Information for Our Patients:

Appointment Scheduling:
Please come to the clinic with someone who can speak Japanese if possible and call us in advance before visiting our clinic. This helps us manage our schedule efficiently and ensures that we can provide you with the best care.

Payment Options:
We accept cash only for all services. Please be prepared to settle your payment at the time of your visit.

Health Insurance Card:
Remember to bring your health insurance card with you. Having this information on hand helps streamline the check-in process.

Pediatric Care Limitations:
Please note that our clinic primarily focuses on internal medicine. While we do provide some support for pediatric cases, our expertise lies in adult care.

Thank you for choosing our clinic. We look forward to serving you!

診療科目: 内科
診療曜日: 日曜・祝日
診療時間: 午前9時~午後5時
受付時間: 午前9時~午後4時30分
診察室 外観


113-0022 東京都文京区千駄木2-26-8